A true Exotic beauty that will surpass your wildest dreams

Frequent Questions

Do you want to hang out? 

Sure but please understand that I have and non-BCD rate but other than that the little time that I have left belongs to me. I hope you are able to understand that. Thanks.
 Why do I have to provide my personal information?
You will only be required to provide your personal information in situations where you do not have any reputable references or they do not respond as prompt as needed.
 Is my information deleted after screening?
Absolutely. I only need your information to verify who you are. Other than that I do not have any gain for keeping your information stored in any of my devices. In fact having your information on me can backfire on me. So rest assure your information is safe and disposed after verification.
 Do you like girls?
Yes. I have a few UTR girlfriends I like to play with that you can take your pick from. Just ask.
 Menu? Rates?
Gentlemen there is plenty of information on my services that can be found with a simple google search.
You’re the only girl I see. Can we go “natural?”
The answer is NO! NEVER! Frankly, that type of GFE is unknown to me even in my personal life. Safety is very important to me and will always be! Please do not even insinuate because if I find out that you are not safe with yourself, I will not/ no longer see you.
 Are you into pain? 
Sorry gents. I am not. There is a way to grab hair from the nape, handle my body, and lightly tap/pat but please do not inflict pain or injure me. I do not enjoy being slapped, pinched, bit, scratched, roughly handled and my hair is my glory so please do not pull it.
Kimber Rose

An true Exotic beauty that’ll surpass your wildest dreams..

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