I aim to please so when booking an appointment with me feel free to make any special request. Just please make sure not to write anything graphic and explicit.

I prefer our initial contact to be via my booking form. If there is something on my screening form that you cannot abide by, we are likely not a good fit.
More important notes below.


Important Notes

It is illegal to record any of our time together without my consent or permission. Do NOT attempt this!
  1. Please remember when contacting me, a first impression is everything. Please properly introduce yourself like a gentleman.  TXT ONLY PLEASE.
  2. Unsolicited dick pics are a NO
  3. Do not attempt to try to sweet talk me into an “outside of business” arrangement. That’s a NO.
  4. Bad language, graphic, explicit and rude comments will NOT be tolerated.
  5. Do not ask for trades.
  7. Please cancel atleast 2 hours in advance. Be considerate. Taking time to prepare for our session and booking a slot for you is time I could have allotted to someone else. Cancellations cost  me time and money. If you did not pay a deposit and cancel short notice expect to pay an additional 50 percent of session cost on top of your current session at our next meeting.
  8. Please book ATLEAST a minimum of  90 minute in advance to give me time to screen you. This is important for my safety. The safer I feel the better time you will have. (Prebookings are always preferred. In other words if you can give atleast a full day’s notice its even better, BUT 90 minute minimum will be allowed)
  9. Please NEVER attempt to discuss donation (price) , doing so will make me uncomfortable and result in termination of our time together.


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